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Governor Nathan Deal has appointed Dr. Dale G. Mayfield, DMD, Chief Dental Officer at Kool Smiles, to serve on the Georgia Board of Dentistry

Kool Smiles, a leading provider of quality dental care for children and families in Georgia, today announced that Governor Nathan Deal has appointed Dr. Dale G. Mayfield, DMD, Chief Dental Officer at Kool Smiles, to serve on the Georgia Board of Dentistry. 

The Georgia Board of Dentistry is an eleven-member group appointed by the Governor, comprised of nine dentists, one dental hygienist, and one consumer member, responsible for protecting the public health in the practice of dentistry by regulating and enforcing the standards of practice.

“I’m deeply grateful for this opportunity to continue serving patients as a member of the Georgia Board of Dentistry,” said Dr. Mayfield. “I look forward to ensuring that all Georgians receive the best possible dental care from highly skilled clinicians.”

Prior to Kool Smiles, Dr. Mayfield spent 10 years in private practice in Decatur, Georgia. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Georgia Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry. He received his undergraduate degree in exercise physiology from Brigham Young University and his Doctor of Dental …

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Kool Smiles is offering free dental health lesson plans and toothbrushes to preschool and K-5 classrooms across the country

In recognition of February as National Children’s Dental Health Month, Kool Smiles – a national provider of quality dental care for underserved children and families – is offering free dental health lesson plans and toothbrushes to preschool and K-5 classrooms across the country.  Now in its fourth consecutive year, the lesson plan program is part of Kool Smiles’ ongoing effort to provide dental health education to communities in need.

“Each day, Kool Smiles dentists serve thousands of young patients from underserved communities, many of whom have never seen a dentist and some who lack basic dental health supplies, like toothbrushes and toothpaste, at home,” said Dr. D Ray Gifford, Managing Dental Director for Kool Smiles. “That’s why we are firmly committed to expanding dental health education and preventive healthcare in classrooms across the country, to reduce the risk of cavities and help children develop healthy habits early on.”

Kool Smiles’ free dental lesson plans and toothbrushes are available to preschool and K-5 educators as tools for promoting good dental health in …

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Multi-Year, Multi-State Analysis from Dobson DaVanzo Shows Kool Smiles Dental Practices Are Low-Cost, Conservative Providers of Medicaid Dental Care Compared to Other Medicaid Dental Providers

The Benevis Foundation today announced the release of a multi-year, multi-state study by Dobson DaVanzo & Associates examining Medicaid dental utilization trends and expenditures in seven states, using publicly available Medicaid dental claims. The study, released during National Children’s Dental Health Month, found that providers from Kool Smiles – a national dental practice serving pediatric Medicaid patients – performed more conservative, cost-effective care when compared to other Medicaid dental providers in Texas, Indiana, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina. 

The analysis of Medicaid claims data supports recent research indicating that the dental service organization (DSO) practice support model is effectively narrowing the gap in access to quality dental care for low-income children and families.

Using publicly available Medicaid data from 2011 to 2015, the study found: 

Kool Smiles dental providers performed 15 percent fewer services overall, including 40 percent fewer extractions and 39 percent fewer pulpotomies. 

As a result of lower utilization rates, Kool Smiles patients had an overall average monthly Medicaid expenditure that was 33 percent lower than non-Kool Smiles patients …

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Twelve Boxes Filled With Canned Food Collected at Kool Smiles Offices Benefit the Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home

Kool Smiles, a leading provider of quality dental care in El Paso, today expressed gratitude to patients and members of the community who brought canned goods and other items to Kool Smiles dental offices in the area to benefit  children and families in need.  5 Kool Smiles offices in the El Paso area, plus the Las Cruces office, yielded twelve boxes full of canned goods that will be donated to the Lee & Buelah Moor Children’s Home.

“No child in our community should go hungry, which is why we are supporting the Lee & Buelah Moor Children’s Home in their important work to provide needed care and services to El Paso children and families,” said Dr. Andre Singleton, Area Dental Director for Kool Smiles.  “We appreciate the outpouring of support from Kool Smiles patient families and the El Paso community in joining with us to help local children in need.”

Those who contributed to the food drive were asked to bring canned food, bags of beans, flour, rice, cooking oil, and fresh produce. 

Kool Smiles personnel …

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Largest Halloween Candy Exchange by U.S. Dental Provider Generates More Than 3 Tons of Donated Candy

Kool Smiles, a leading provider of quality dental care in underserved communities nationwide, today announced a record-breaking 6,620 pounds – more than 3 tons – of candy collected during its fourth annual Operation Troop Treats. The program offered children the chance to exchange their Halloween candy for a toy at participating Kool Smiles offices nationwide. In collaboration with Operation Gratitude, the donated candy will be sent in care packages to U.S. troops abroad, delivering smiles to thousands of American heroes. To date, Operation Troop Treats is the largest Halloween candy exchange by a U.S. dental provider.

“This year’s Operation Troop Treats witnessed a record amount of children trading in their Halloween candy to bring smiles to soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines serving overseas,” said Kool Smiles Managing Dental Director D Ray Gifford, DDS. “This program helps children maintain good dental habits while sharing a piece of home with those unable to spend this holiday with their families.”

The Kool Smiles family includes many veterans, in addition to active duty servicemen and women. Delivering quality care to military families is of …

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Bringing Smiles to Children and U.S. Troops this Halloween

Kool Smiles, a leading provider of quality dental care in Virginia Beach helped one local child bring smiles to both children and U.S. troops this Halloween, through a special fundraising effort organized by students at John B. Dey Elementary School.

Virginia Beach resident Lauren Fenty, age nine, lost her father in Afghanistan when she was just 28 days old. In looking for ways to support U.S. troops this Halloween season, Lauren organized a successful school-wide candy collection at John B. Dey Elementary School, securing more than 770 pounds of candy for troops.

Having initially contacted another local dental office that was offering money in exchange for Halloween candy, Lauren decided to donate any money she received to Operation Smile, an international medical charity that provides medical care, training and education for cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

However, the collection effort by John B. Dey students was so successful that the cascade of candy was more than the dental office could handle.

That’s when Lauren discovered the Virginia Beach Kool Smiles dental …

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Safety net program from national children’s dental provider helps kids access needed dental services

Kool Smiles, a leading provider of quality dental care in underserved communities nationwide, today announced $6.7 million in uncompensated dental care provided by its affiliated dental practices through June 2015. The national children’s dental provider is on track to provide more than $13 million in uncompensated care through the end of the year.

“Kool Smiles was founded on the belief that every person deserves a dentist, including those without any form of insurance,” said Dr. D Ray Gifford, Managing Dental Director for Kool Smiles. “Although we are proud to accept Medicaid and other insurance plans that most dentists do not, we also recognize that there are specific procedures that the American Dental Association or American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend where no specific reimbursement is available,” continued Gifford. “Recognizing that children who go without access to dental care can face lifelong struggles and health problems, we feel it is our moral and professional obligation to also provide these recommended services so that every person can have a healthy, happy smile.”

According to the Pew Center’s 2013 …

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Kool Smiles Helps Peace Corps Deliver Needed Dental Health Supplies to Children in Rural Guyanese Village

As part of its mission to improve dental access in underserved communities, Kool Smiles – a leading provider of quality dental care for children and families in the United States – donated more than 400 dental kits to nursery and primary school students in Haimaracabra, a small indigenous village in Guyana with extremely limited access to dental care. United States Peace Corps volunteers then delivered the dental supplies and demonstrated proper oral hygiene practices to the students. 

“Due to transportation access challenges, Haimaracabra suffers from a lack of supplies and resources in education and healthcare,” said Holleigh Thomason, the Peace Corps volunteer leading the effort in Guyana, a nation located on the northeastern coast of South America.  “To see a dentist, one would have to travel two hours by boat to the nearest ‘town,’ which is expensive and time consuming. Many of our community members don’t see a dentist unless they have a dental emergency, such as an infected tooth that needs to be removed.”

“Premature tooth decay is widespread in this region, especially among children, …

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Kool Smiles Dentists Elevate Awareness of “Dental Divide” in America

More than 450 children across the country without dental insurance received much needed dental care at no cost during the Kool Smiles “Sharing Smiles” free care day on Sunday, February 22, 2015.

Bone chilling temperatures and inclement weather in many of the 13 states where Kool Smiles offices offered free dental care didn’t stop families from bringing in their children for a range of dental procedures.  Although the free care day provided an opportunity to address immediate dental needs, it also underscored the dental access challenges families face and the overall lack of coverage for dental care.

“Throughout the day, we were reminded that there are still children who are unable to consistently access dental health care and all the benefits that come with it,” said Dr. Polly Boehnlein, DDS, MS, a board-certified pediatric dentist and Managing Dental Director for Kool Smiles.  “While Kool Smiles is proud to offer a full range of dental services to traditionally underserved populations – including patients covered under Medicaid or State Children’s Health Insurance Plans (SCHIP) – there are still …

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Kool Smiles Offers Free Dental Lesson Plans, Toothbrushes to Classrooms Nationwide during Children’s Dental Health Month

In recognition of February as National Children’s Dental Health Month, Kool Smiles – a leading provider of quality dental care in underserved communities nationwide –will provide free lesson plans and toothbrushes to K-5 classrooms in an effort to promote good dental health habits for young children.  

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States, according to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now reports that more than one-in-five kids from ages two through 19 have untreated cavities – which can cause pain and infection, and lead to problems with eating, speaking, and learning.  Therefore, for the third consecutive year, Kool Smiles continues its educational efforts to provide comprehensive dental health lesson plans for teachers and families, and distribute free toothbrushes to students across the country during Children’s Dental Health Month. 

“The job of dental providers is multi-faceted,” said Polly Buckey Boehnlein DDS, MS, Diplomat of American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and Managing Dental Director for Kool Smiles.  “Each day we provide vital …

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