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Our Claim to Fame: Helping Children Smile

With over 120 locations throughout 15 states and Washington D.C., Kool Smiles is undoubtedly on the map. But our real claim to fame is in making a difference in the lives of the thousands of children we reach every year.

Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease, and many children right here in America do not have access to quality, affordable dental care. As a result, well over half of our nation’s youth will have at least one cavity in either a baby tooth or permanent tooth by the time they turn 11.

At Kool Smiles, it’s our mission to change that.

Claiming Healthy Smiles

Here are just some of the ways we bring healthy smiles to the faces of children across the nation.

  • We bring dental care where it’s needed most. Our offices are located in areas that are traditionally underserved by the dental community. We make it easy for children in these areas to receive the quality care they deserve.
  • We’re flexible. Unlike so many dentists, we gladly accept Medicaid insurance at each and every location as well as Tricare and a wide range of state-sponsored insurance plans.
  • We aim to educate. We don’t just treat patients for their dental needs, we educate them about those needs. Our comprehensive collection of blogs, videos, worksheets and more make learning fun for children and parents alike.
  • We’re charitable. Whether it’s donating dental supplies to rural villages in South America or to storm victims right here in our own backyard, we love giving back to the community.
  • We’re kid-friendly. When kids see our oversized waiting rooms with full playground sets, they’re already smiling before they even see a dentist. Plus, all of our staff and dentists have experience working with kids and know how to make them feel at ease.

We are so committed to helping children smile that we even do it for free. At Kool Smiles, our claim to fame is reflected in our dedication to serve. Learn more about Kool Smiles and how we’re making dental health a priority for thousands of children.


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