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Unfair Conditions for Dental Care: How Kool Smiles Helps

Many dentists do not accept Medicaid, leaving thousands of low income individuals and families without proper dental care. These unfair conditions are what inspired Kool Smiles to make quality dental care available to families who need it most by accepting Medicaid at every location in the United States.

Kool Smiles Aims to Eradicate Unfair Dental Conditions

Kool Smiles is helping to decrease the number of children subjected to unfair dental conditions, and the numbers prove it. In fact, after a Kool Smiles office has been open for four years in a community, the average number of restorative procedures needed by patients drops by 28%.

How is Kool Smiles making such a difference?

Kool Smiles’ commitment to affordable, accessible dental care is what sets it apart from other dental practices. Kool Smiles provides quality dental care to those who need it and works to educate individuals and families about the importance of dental health through public outreach programs.

To better understand the ways in which Kool Smiles is decreasing unfair dental conditions across the nation, read through the list of facts below.

Kool Smiles facts and statistics

  • Kool Smiles dentists spend almost all of their time on patient care, compared to an industry average of 90%, as reported by the ADA.
  • Since it started, Kool Smiles provided more than $100 million in dental services to children without payment. This means that no form of payment was sought from the parents of the patients, an insurance company, Medicaid or State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP).
  • Kool Smiles dentists are only eligible for variable pay if they meet Kool Smiles quality and compliance standards. Most private practice dentists are commission based with limited or no oversight for quality or compliance standards.
  • Kool Smiles dentists spend almost the exact same amount of time with each patient as the AAPD reports for independent pediatric providers.

To learn more about the Kool Smiles mission and commitment to eliminating unfair dental conditions, visit the Kool Smiles website or contact Kool Smiles.


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