While the Kool Smiles practice model is relatively new in the field of dentistry, the model is well established among other healthcare providers, including radiologists, ophthalmologists, and many hospital systems.  Kool Smiles dentists affiliate with a dental support organization (DSO) that provides non-clinical business support in areas like human resources, operations, marketing and accounting and payroll. These practice affiliations create efficiencies and economies of scale that reduce operating costs, which are necessary for Kool Smiles offices to remain financially viable in a low reimbursement environment. This practice model also allows our dentists to focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks while maintaining complete autonomy over clinical and treatment decisions.

Kool Smiles and the DSO model are driving access gains among Medicaid dental patients. Much of the dental coverage gains seen since 2000 can be attributed to the emergence of DSO-supported practices, which use economies of scale to lower operating costs. Numerous studies show Kool Smiles is, by far, the largest DSO-affiliated dental practice serving Medicaid patients.

The Kool Smiles practice model puts quality dental care first and addresses a serious unmet healthcare need in this country. It’s a model we stand behind, and allows us to improve oral healthcare in underserved communities – one smile at a time.

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