Our founding dentists launched Kool Smiles in 2002 with the mission of providing high-quality dental care to every child who needs it in a fun and compassionate environment. Throughout the past decade, Kool Smiles has expanded dental health access and education in underserved communities nationwide. Today, Kool Smiles dentists own and operate more than 120 dental offices in 14 states and the District of Columbia, and are proud to offer care to kids and adults with almost any insurance plan, including State Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP), Medicaid and TRICARE.

Our dentists and the dental professionals who support them care deeply for the communities we serve, and we firmly believe that every person deserves access to quality dental care. Lack of healthcare coverage, or enrollment in Medicaid, should not limit an individual’s access to vital dental services. Since 2002, our dentists have helped bridge the gap in dental care access by providing more than three million U.S. children with a dental home. In 2017 alone, our dentists put more than $100 million back into the communities we serve through education, outreach and charitable giving programs. Data show our presence has helped markedly improve dental health outcomes within the communities we serve, all while providing more conservative care at lower costs to state Medicaid programs.